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IT Project Management

What are your current or future Project Management needs? Do they include overseeing hardware and/or software installations? Do they include network upgrades, cloud computing, or virtualization? How about data management projects or the …

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As an Information Technology company, we are extremely concerned with the steps our customers take in order to protect themselves from loss, of any kind. Being mindful of the much publicized losses experienced daily by American businesses,we recommend …

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Syatem Management

Systems management refers to the “enterprise wide” administration of your company’s business systems. This includes all of the company’s business processes, Information Technology tools and assets, and the operation of all operating departments. We will analyze …

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Application Requirements

RoboRity has a highly experienced consulting staff that has been involved in IT consulting for over 05 years! We work with you to understandthebusiness processes that are required to makeyour companyfunction successfully. Our knowledge and experience in …

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Help Desk

Wouldn’t you love to have your IT issues monitored 24×7? RoboRity can help make this happen. RoboRity can remotely manage your network infrastructure and prevent IT issues from needlessly occurring,. All this, while providing unlimited, 24×7 assistance when a …

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Training is important parts of any project implementation Successful training on any technology is important so its users can get its full benefit.Our staff is well acquainted with the products and services we sell. The training may be done at your business, one …

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Getting To The Cloud

The ‘Cloud’ is where your business needs to be and RoboRity can help you get there. The “Cloud” concept design is, of itself, very simple. It only becomes complex when an organization your company has to choose which type of cloud offering that best meets their …

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Telephone & Network Design

RoboRity is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to analyze and address the telecommunication and data needs of your business. We research, and work closely with, the best carriers and ISPs who will best suit you company’s voice, data and IP traffic …

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HW & Soft.Requirements & Selection

Selecting hardware, and software, that meet the requirements of your IT Infrastructure,can be a time-consuming process if performed internally by your company. You sometimes …

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HAVANA RICK’S is the first project of RoboRity. We start our journey by this project, this client was from Miami.

HAVANA RICK’S are online restaurant management system.
You can order food from online. It’s amazing feature are only you can order food when resturent are open, when restaurant are close card will be disabled.

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Havana Rick’s

Havana Rick’s

H&C Bakery

Bangladesh Business Chamber of Singapore

Somoy News TV

RoboRity is the key to success

For over 7 years, RoboRity has been offering smart, simple, technology solutions to businesses throughout Dhaka, Bangladesh and beyond. RoboRity is a company committed to designing, implementing and supporting cost effective technological solutions for your business. We are a company dedicated to ensuring your business receives the highest return on your technology investment. Reducing costs, minimizing downtime and improving customer service is what RoboRity will do for you.


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We are here for you to give solution for your problem. We have a team with good combination of all talent.

  • Sales Professionals with a total of 10 years experience;
  • Marketing Development Manager;
  • Project Leaders with close to 11 years experience;
  • Highly qualified System Engineers all with a variety of certifications. Combining this with a true dedication to above and beyond customer service, RoboRity can help your business grow.

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Advantages 1

We have an expert team for maintaining the quality of work orders. Each work order goes through a QC for checking the quality and erros back and forth.

Advantages 2

We have the unbeatable quality with guarantee.

Advantages 3

We are available 24/7 and have backup processors all the time.

Advantages 4

We save your additional costs as we will be your back office.

Advantages 5

We have different processors, expert in each and every program and work, so that we can help you completing all the tasks within deadline.